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17 Jan 2017

Maggie Rogers – Spotted by Pharrell Williams, where is she now?

other/news Maggie Rogers – Talent spotted by Pharrell Williams, where is she now?

The song 'Alaska' was heard two million times in a week after the release.

Maggie Rogers grew up in a Countryside in Maryland, she started making music at the age of 7, she was playing a lot of folk under the guidance of a banjo. Since she started her music education she has also come in contact with dance music. Maggie made it to successfully combine these two styles and to provide a complete own sound.

When Her song at The Clive Davis Institute of recorded music in New York City is noticed during a masterclass by Pharrell Williams, it is immediately beginning to go viral and gets her musical career a huge boost.

Maggie takes inspiration from nature, and during her trip to Alaska. The good feeling she has whenever she is with nature or when she's dancing, she is trying to convey with her music.

  • 190 thousand Facebook likes
  • Tours in different countries
  • 3 million streams for the song 'Alaska' on YouTube

Watch the video here:

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