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3 Sep 2021

New: Audome the tool for mixing and mastering engineers

producer New: Audome the tool for mixing and mastering engineers

If you’re a producer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, or in some way or form the owner of a recording studio you’ve probably sent audio to a client and received revision notes or comments back to implement in a new version. You’ve probably also had cases where this back and forth process goes on for way too long because of imprecise, vague, unstructured communication and general confusion. After version 12 both you and the artist gives up and settles, which is a horrible feeling and leads to nothing good.

Audome, a new web-based tool, claims to be a solution for this. Let’s have a look at it. Spoiler: You can use it for free. So, Audome basically has two sides: A dashboard and a delivery page.

The dashboard

The dashboard gives you, the studio owner, an overview of your clients and the statuses of your deliveries. To send audio to a client, simply drag the audio directly onto a client and fill out the information. Audome will automatically send a link to your client with the delivery. A client can access the audio directly without logging in, which is neat. No one likes to create an account just to listen to their song. You can see an illustration of the dashboard below. The status indicators provide a great overview of where to do your work. No more scrolling through endless emails, text messages, and social media forgetting which songs you need to correct.

The delivery page

The delivery page is what your clients will see. Here they can listen to the audio in lossless format (no more questionable streaming quality compromising the hard work you’ve done in the studio). If your client hears something they are unhappy about, they simply click the waveform to put a comment. Your client will be asked to put in their name, what they want to be changed, and a tag, based on the instrument group the comment is about. This creates a time-stamped comment which is sorted in a list to the right (see illustration below), creating a structured to-do list so you know exactly what to do and what specific parts of the song your client is talking about. You can easily navigate and listen to individual comments by clicking the time code. Everyone with access to the delivery link can comment or reply to comments, combatting the infamous problem of being the middle man of contradicting opinions between band members. If you choose Audome’s paid plan, you will also be able to custom brand your delivery page with a cover image and logo for a more professional look. Overall, this is a huge time saver. Centralizing all communication into one platform with every comment being specific, precise, and structured really saves a lot of headaches.


Audome is a great tool that solves a very time consuming and boring task for every studio owner. I’m excited to see where the tool is going in the future. Audome has expressed a lot of cool thoughts for further integrations and development of the tool. One thing is certain: There’s no need to use the horrendous combination of file upload services and emails any more.

At the moment, Audome has two plans: A Hobby Plan which is free to use but limited to one active client at a time, and a Project Plan which is 18$/month with unlimited clients and includes extra features like custom branding. Check it out for yourself at or signup for a free account at

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